As much as running may be good for the body, some people may make it look bad because of their perception. Some individuals feel like running is a strenuous activity and that people are susceptible to injuries during the activity. However, despite the misconceptions, doctors recommend that people should run at least three times in a week because it has many health benefits to our bodies. Here are some of the advantages associated with running;

It Is Good For The Joints

There are misconceptions that running weakens the bones over time hence leading to osteoporosis. However, that is not the case. According to various studies, running has been found to be protective of joints instead. In fact, being sedentary is what is harmful because being immobile causes the cartilage to corrode. Moving, on the other hand, lubricates the joints. People who get injured have been found to have poor running techniques or over training hence damaging their soft tissues. Therefore, to avoid that, seek help from experts so that they can guide you on the best ways to partake in the exercise.

Effective For Fat Loss

Running is one of the most popular and efficient way of doing aerobics training. This is because individuals can start off slow and as they progress, they can push themselves to higher intensities and longer distances. Recent research has shown that it is the best method that can be used to burn fat. Some people argue that weightlifting is the best, but that is not the case. Of course one has to eat clean to achieve that goal, but the best part about it is that running has been found to control appetite.

Helps Individuals To Age Better

In a recent age-related finding, people above the age of fifty who ran were assessed. When their health conditions were examined, it was found that those who ran frequently had fewer disabilities in their later life and a notable survival advantage. Also, those who ran were mostly non-smokers, and that might have helped with their positive health status but running contributed to it significantly.

It Is Good For The Heart

Being a regular runner facilitates the production of good cholesterol. In addition to that, the aerobic exercise lowers the bad cholesterol levels. The bad cholesterol is responsible for various cardiovascular diseases like strokes. Hypertension is also reduced by keeping the heart active. Individuals who are having a low response to treatment can try out running to reduce their blood pressure.